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Our Story

Like many people who enjoy watching and recording sports, we were frustrated by scores and other information displayed on the information “ticker” that runs along the bottom of the TV screen during sporting events. Often, as we were watching one of our teams and recording another game to watch later, we would see the final score of the game we were recording on the “ticker” completely destroying the suspense and fun of watching that recorded game later. Grrrrr!

To prevent seeing the scores on the “ticker” we initially tried taping construction paper or cardboard to the front of our TV to hide the “ticker.” But we didn’t like putting sticky tape on our TV and sometimes the tape wouldn’t hold. And when removed it left a gummy residue on the TV. When we bought our new 70” TV, the large size and value of its impressive TV screen caused us to ditch those early efforts and come up with a better solution. Our ideal was something that was easy to apply, covered and blocked the exact screen area desired and would “cling” to the screen with static, eliminating the mess and potentially damaging residue of tape and external clutter.

This was the birth of SCORE BLOCK!

Introducing SCORE BLOCK a black, static-cling film that completely blocks annoying sports tickers, news tickers, info tickers – fits any size TV screens – safely clings without worry of damaging screen – can be used over and over again – Order Now During Our Kick Off Sale and get Free Shipping