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Application & Care Instructions

  • For optimal cling, gently clean your TV screen in the area where Score Block will be applied. (Follow recommended screen cleaning instructions for your TV)
  • Measure the width of your TV screen or of the ticker you want to block
  • Unroll Score Block and cut to desired length
  • Start at one end and gently press Score Block in place covering the ticker – It will easily cling to the smooth surface of the screen!
  • Score Block may remain on your TV screen without causing harm. You might even forget it’s there!
  • After removing Score Block, store in a plastic storage bag in a cool, clean and dry place. Avoid creasing Score Block.
  • To maintain cling properties, keep Score Block free of dust and dirt. From time-to-time clean Score Block with a water-dampened cloth to restore full cling.

No SCORE BLOCK applied


SCORE BLOCK Applied only to Right Half of Info Ticker

SCORE BLOCK Applied to Entire Info Ticker

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